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2020.3 Patrol Blog


3/10 (Tue) Leave Room in the Heart, Leave Rocks at Headquarters@MatchaMatchaDonDon

Evening. I'm MatchaMatchaDonDon. For us who have been here for a period of 120~150 d


3/9 (Mon) Its Hot! A Pleasantly Warm Day@Cafe Hopper

Good evening everyone! I'm the mogul skier in training, Cafe Hopper! Today has been a v


3/8 (Sun) Check@Azuma

Cloudy skies・zero snowfall・good visibility Today's START was without the rain we had so


3/7 (Sat) Everybody has Different Things on Their Minds@DE

It may have become the season where those with hay fever suffer the most.. how is everyone


3/6 (Fri) The Day After the Tempest. A Winter’s Atmosphere@Kuromet

Good afternoon, I am Kuromet, who likes to learn about history though manga. With the s


3/5 (Thu) Snow Melancholy and a Strong Wind@Makkina

Good evening, its Makkina, who was asked by a squad member in their 2nd year what the orig


3/4 (Wed) On the Offensive@Kanreki

Hello everyone, this evening its Kanreki's turn to blog! How did you all enjoy the Hinamat


3/3 (Tue) We Lost to the Wind@Hacchaku

Good evening everyone! Hay fever has come, hello, its @Hacchaku This is what this mo


3/2 (Mon) The Ideal Weather for Bumps@Cafe Hopper

Good evening everyone! It's Cafe Hopper! Its already become March before I know it! How


3/1 (Sun) A Sense of Distance@Saba

Today I'm taking care of the blog. It's me Saba! The first morning check was performed