Cafeteria Restaurant Hull

Escal Plaza main restaurant, Right in Front of Toomi Slope

Restaurant Hull

Restaurant Hull is located right in front of Toomi slope. While viewing the Toomi Slope from the front row seat, and enjoy Western style dish, Japanese style Donburi dish meal or enjoy coffee and cake during your break time.

Operating Period / Grand Opening 2020 ~ 5 May 2021

Opening Hours 10:00 ~ 16:00 (15:30 LO)

acceptable cashless payment

  • credit cards
  • WAON
  • Union Pay (銀聯)


  • RamenSoy sauce ramen
  • RamenMapo tofu ramen
  • RamenCold noodle salad


  • RicePork Currey
  • RiceFried rice
  • RiceBeaf bowl
  • RiceMapo tofu bowl


  • etcSpaghetti bolognese
  • etcChicken basket
  • etcFrench fries
  • etcFried Chicken


  • miniMini soy sauce ramen
  • miniMini fried rice
  • miniMini beaf bowl
  • miniMini mapo tofu bowl