Goryu Snow Gears

We have everything you need for the cold!

goryu snow gears

Goggle, gloves, neck warmer, beanie, helmet, we have everything you need to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

Operating Period / 2023/12/15 ~ 2024/5/6

Opening Hours /

2023/12/15 ~ 2023/12/228:30 ~ 16:30
2023/12/23 ~ 2024/2/298:30 ~ 21:00
2024/3/1 ~ 2024/5/68:30 ~ 17:00

acceptable cashless payment

  • credit cards
  • WAON
  • Union Pay
  • PayPay
  • Transportation IC cards(Suica,PASMO,ICOCA,etc)

Helmet / GIRO , Sandbox

goryu snow gearsPick up

We have a large selection of Giro and Sandbox helmet this year. Anything can happen while you skiing and snowboarding. Always good to be prepared with helmet.

goryu snow gearsGIRO

goryu snow gearsSandbox

We have both Asian Fit and International Fit model

Goggle / Oakley, Revolt, Dragon, Smith, Vonzipper, Swans

goryu snow gears

Goggle is a very important piece of equipment for your eyes. Protect your eyes from sun, snow, and assist your vision to see more clear.

goryu snow gearsOAKLEY

goryu snow gearsREVOLT

goryu snow gearsSMITH

Glove / Dakine, Volcom, DC, Blueblood

goryu snow gears

Glove is one of import piece of equipment to keep you warm. There is nothing worse than having a cold freezing fingers while skiing or snowboarding. We have gloves ranging in price from 1000yen to 20,000yen. We have nice and thick glove for freezing snowstorm or thin breathable glove for sunny days.

Head Accessories / Coal, Volcom, Orange, DC, Dakine, Screamer

goryu snow gears

This year we added [Coal] and [Volcom] beanies! One of the must item to keep your head warm during the cold days.

goryu snow gearsCoal

goryu snow gearsVolcom

goryu snow gearsCap

Boots / The North Face

goryu snow gears

Forgot to bring your ? Need a new one? The North Face boot will keep your freezing feets nice and toasty warm.


goryu snow gears

Apparel / Volcom, DC, Coal

goryu snow gears


goryu snow gears

Socks, facemask, neck warmer, protector, lift pass case, deck pad, snowboard locks, we have everything you need here!