Natural food cafe Sol

We are newly opened organic & vegetarian cafe in Escal Plaza.

Natural food cafe Sol

ou are able to find specialty coffee, homemade sandwich and some gluten free menu.
We are aiming to support local organic farmers and small producers.

Operating Period / Open-8th May,2022

Opening Hours

Open-17th Dec,202110:00~16:30 (16:00 L.O.)
18th Dec 2021-31st Mar,20229:00~17:00 (16:30 L.O.) Night Cafe "Luna" Finished for the season.
1th Apr 2022-3st Apr,202210:00~17:00 (16:30 L.O.) Night Cafe "Luna" Finished for the season.
4th Apr 2022-8st May,202210:00~16:30 (16:00 L.O.) *Closed on Tuesday,Wednesday

acceptable cashless payment

  • Credit cards
  • PayPay
  • ID
  • Quick Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Transportation IC cards(Suica,PASMO,ICOCA,etc)
  • etc
  • Natural food cafe Sol
  • Natural food cafe Sol

Vebetarian Food

  • Vegetarian FoodRice Balls, Soy Meat Karaage Set(Lunch)
  • Vegetarian FoodOne Plate – GBR with Vegan Deli(Lunch)
  • Vegetarian FoodGluten Free Vegan Tantan Noodle(Lunch)
  • Vegetarian FoodSoy Meat Karaage 5pc(Lunch)
  • Vegetarian FoodHot Sandwich
  • Vegetarian FoodGerminated Brown Rice Ball

Vegan Sweets

Vebetarian Sweets

  • Natural food cafe SolBrownie
  • Natural food cafe SolOrganic Flour Scone
  • Natural food cafe SolOrganic Rice Flour Muffin
  • Natural food cafe SolOrganic Rice Flour Cookies



  • CoffeeEspresso
  • CoffeeAmericano
  • CoffeeHand Drip Filter Coffee
  • CoffeeCafé Latte
  • CoffeeCappuccino
  • CoffeeSoy Latte

Tea & Chocolate

  • Tea ChocolateChai Latte
  • Tea ChocolateHerb Tea
  • Tea ChocolateHot Chocolate(Cacao70%)

Other Drinks

Other Drinks

  • Natural food cafe SolHomemade Ginger Ale
  • Natural food cafe SolHomemade Hot Ginger
  • Natural food cafe SolHomemade Lemonade (Hot/Iced)
  • Natural food cafe SolFruit Juice


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