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Buy discounted online lift pass of ABLE Goryu & Hakuba47

You can collect your lift ticket at the vending machine (recommended) or ticket center of Escal Plaza at the first time of purchasing. From the second time onward, you can recharge your lift ticket online, and directly go through the lift gate on the day of your visit.

Buy a new lift ticket

For the visitors who will be visiting Hakuba Valley snow resort for the first time, or do not have a lift ticket, you can purchase a new lift ticket (card) online. Once you have finished the payment, you will receive a lift ticket QR code and pick-up code. Upon arriving at the snow resort, you will need to present these codes to the vending machine near the ticket center to collect your lift ticket.

The steps of purchasing a new lift ticket online

  1. Select the Goryu47 lift ticket and finalize the payment. (500Yen deposit included 1)
  2. If you are using this system for the first time, you will need to register as a member. (1).Name, email address, password, and the agreement to the terms of use are required. Enter the required information and a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address. (2).Click the "Authenticate account" button in the confirmation email, and the registration process will be completed.
  3. Only credit card (VISA or MASTER) is accepted for the payment.

1 The price includes a lift ticket deposit of ¥ 500. The deposit could be refunded at the vending machine next to the ticket center counter. (If you are going to recharge and use it again, please do not return it.)

How to collect and use your lift ticket

  1. When the payment is completed, you will receive an "order confirmation email" and a "QR code email" from the registered email address.
  2. Click the "display" link in the QR Code Mail to display "QR Code Pickup Code" on the screen. You will need this code to collect your lift ticket.
  3. Present this "QR code / pickup code" to the ticket center counter on the day to collect the lift ticket.
  4. Please approach the gate sensor with your lift ticket.

Please print out the QR code / pickup code if you don't have a mobile phone with you. For mobile phone users, please bring the phone with you and show the screen when collecting the lift ticket.

Please be sure to bring your QR code / pickup code as you will need it to redeem your lift ticket.

Recharge the lift ticket

If you have purchased a lift ticket, you can recharge your used lift ticket. Please visit the online lift ticket shop and enter the 23-digit number printed on your lift ticket. You can use the lift ticket on the day without waiting at the ticket center. Please activate your recharged lift ticket at the lift gate sensor.

Please be sure to bring the recharged lift ticket with you. IC number is not available for use at the lift gate nor ticket center.

The steps of recharging a used lift ticket

  1. Select the type of lift ticket and proceed to the payment step. Select "Enter card number" and enter the 23-digit number starting with 01 on your lift ticket, and finalize the payment.
  2. If you have already registered as a member, you can log in to recharge your lift ticket, and the "QR code / pickup code" will not be sent.
  3. Only credit cards (VISA or MASTER) are accepted for payment.

How to use the lift ticket

  1. The data of the lift ticket will be sent to each lift gate.
  2. On the day of use, please be sure to bring the recharged lift ticket and approach the gate sensor of the lift.

Please note that if you forget to bring the lift ticket, you will not be able to use it.

Terms of use
  • Please note that the purchase and recharge of the lift ticket are not refundable.
  • Please note that it will take about 30 minutes for the data to be sent to the relevant locations (lift gates and ticket centers) after the purchase procedure is finalized.
  • Only credit cards (VISA or MASTER) are accepted for payment.
  • Feature phone is not accepted for this service.
  • You might not be able to visit the online lift ticket shop in the case of the OS or browser type and version of your PC or mobile phone is too old or not accepted.
  • The lift ticket that can be recharged at the online lift ticket shop include the plastic-type (with deposit ¥ 500) used by Goryu & Hakuba47 and the paper type used by other HAKUBA VALLEY ski resorts. Please use it carefully without bending it if you are using the paper type lift ticket. However, we recommend using the plastic-type lift ticket instead.
  • Please check your spam setting if you are not receiving any emails from hakubavalley.com