Goryu Rentals

Large Inventory of Ski and Snowboard


We still have a large inventory of SALOMON skis and BURTON LTR snowboards, with sizes ranging all the way from little kids to large adult sizes.

Operating Period / Resort open ~ 2024/5/6 (until the end of the resort season)

Opening Hours

Resort open ~ 2023/12/228:00 ~ 16:30
2023/12/23 ~ 2024/3/31 7:45 ~ 21:30 On Sunrise Ski days, opens from 6:45
2024/4/1 ~ 2024/5/68:00 ~ 16:30 (Weekends, Public Holidays and Golden Week 7:45 ~ 16:30)

Reserve online in advance to save time

There are two ways to register for Goryu rentals:

  • 1. Online via the link below, or
  • 2. Scan the QR code at the rental counter at Hakuba Goryu
  • You can choose to pay by credit card online, or at the ski resort.
  • While we have a sufficient number of rental items in stock, please understand that there could be times that we may not have your desired size in stock. Please understand.
  • For those who don’t have a smartphone or computer for advance registration, please come and speak to our staff.

Rental Price (-yen Insurance is not included)

Rental Price
Ski upgrade option
 1day2days ~
Additional price¥1,500+ ¥1,500/day
1. Powder riding 「QST 99」 174cm,181cm
2. All mountain 「XDR 80 TI + Z12 WALK」169cm,176cm
3. Demoline 「S/MAX 12 + Z12 WALK」165cm,170cm
1. Ogasaka E-TurnAll-mountain “ET-9.8” 172cm, 179cm, 186cm
  • 1. Limited supply.
  • 2. The upgrade rental can be suspended due to bad snow conditions.