Subway at the Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort

Let’s Create Your original Sandwich!


Fresh, healthy, and low calorie- these are Subway sandwiches.

Choose vegetable and dressing to your liking- we’ll listen to your wishes and create a custom-made sandwich just for you.

Whether it’s vegetable only, roasted chicken, ham turkey or one of our specialties, eat in or to go, you decide.

For breakfast or for lunch- please come by and try!

Operating Period / 17th Dec 2022-2st Apr,2023

Opening Hours / 7:00 ~ 16:00

acceptable cashless payment

  • credit cards
  • WAON
  • Union Pay
  • PayPay
  • Transportation IC cards(Suica,PASMO,ICOCA,etc)

Our personal recommendation


Have your breakfast at Subway!

When arriving early in the morning…
… to ride the slopes during a beautiful weekend sunrise….
… we’ll provide you with our delicious morning menu from 7 am to 9am.

20-21 Season


Charcoal grilled beef



Shrimp & Avocado

Hakuba Goryu only.


Caesar Chicken Wrap

Veggie & Meet

  • Veggie & MeetRoast Beaf
  • Veggie & MeetTeriyaki Chicken
  • Veggie & MeetCheese Roasted Chicken
  • Veggie & MeetChili Chicken


  • VeggieBacon Lettuce Tomato
  • VeggieAvocado & Veggie
  • VeggieVaggie Delite (R)
  • VeggieShrimp & Avocado Salad

With Sandwich