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3/1 (Sun) A Sense of Distance@Saba2020.03.02

Today I’m taking care of the blog. It’s me Saba!

The first morning check was performed in complete fog.


Here is Akanasu disappearing in the fog.

We lose any sense of speed and distance when in the fog.

It is a good idea to play music to guide other people while they ski.


A lot of hard snowballs gathered close to the barrage by the Woody Course.

It is better not to underestimate those vicious snowballs and choose to ski far away from them.


Around noon, the gondola temporarily stopped for an inspection. We thank you for your patience.


In the afternoon, the temperature rose considerably.


The Expert Course was quite challenging due to the melting snow conditions.


Would you look at that board? Isn’t it exaggerating?

“Champion”, “Expert”, “for advanced skiers”…

You mean only pros can ski down the course or what?

When the snow condition is bad, it turns out really bad, so please double check the snow and your confidence before going in.


Here is an animated Toomi Slope.

It is difficult to judge the distance between other people, but people as well as accidents will gradually decrease from now on.


Here I am on my final patrol check of the day. It is super hard to walk on frozen snow!

How will tomorrow turn out?