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It’s Still Okay@GAN.2021.04.24

Someone will describe this blue as “Japanese Blue”.

Blue bird sky of today’s morning, what a blessed moment to take such a picture.


Spring ski period is still ongoing, temperature at 8AM and 3PM wasn’t changed too much if compared to yesterday.

During the weekday, the resort is always nice and quiet, while the snow condition is perfect to ride on, even though the sunshine heats up the snow surface sometimes.


“What a warm day”, lift crew said often after the working time.


The April is near the end, it’s hard to foresee how the condition will be changed, there’s the pictures from today from each courses.


Grand Prix


The sand makes the snow looks dirty, but it will as clean as the first picture after grooming.



Technical Course


The bumps are getting bigger and deeper. We are not going to groom it, please be careful of the terrain and stay safe.


Panorama Course


From the end of the slope


The main courses are still okay and groomed everyday.

Please keep your speed under control when having fun in Goryu, we look forward to see you tomorrow!