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Rain Before Saturday@Azuma2021.04.03

“That would be nice if today could be nice and cool”

The opening of the day was cloudy, and the woody slope was stuck by snow.

The snow was cleared away before the opening.

Today was in good weather in general, a bit windy and chilly in the end.

The snow was melted more than expected though.
At toomi slope, uncovered area is getting wider and wider.

Expert course is almost the end as well.

When entering the expert course and woody course, please keep your attention to the surroundings,

and refraining from stoping or resting on the slope.

Even though it’s said that Sunday will be raining, a lot of skiers visited goryu.

The descending course is still open, however, it’s easily getting your skis scratched.

It’s recommended to take the gondola to descend instead.


Sadly, tomorrow seems to be a rainy day as well.

Don’t forget to grab your Gore-tex with you!