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OLD BUT GOLD2020.12.20

Hi everyone, how was your weekend?


Snow keeps falling from this morning in Goryu, it’s been quite cold.

Poor visibility was even doubled this cold feeling.


At the observation of 3PM, we gain a extra 10cm snowfall.


The snowfall of Hakuba is not comparable with North area, however it’s way better than last 2 years, therefore we could fully open within 3 days.

This year, even under the impact of COVID-19, we are putting every efforts to ensure our guests are safe and having fun when staying with us.




By the way, night skiing is open from today. Blessed with heaps of snow, night slope is fun and comfortable.

Please follow our COVID-19 countermeasures to prevent infection.



It’s been a tough year due to COVID-19, and especially for us.

Let pray a better next year and everything will be recovered.