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3/27 (Fri) Preserving the Year@Saba2020.03.30

The one in charge of today’s blog is me, Saba.


It was clear at the start of the day.


A surprising slope first thing in the morning, where there are more patrol members than customers; making me say “Makes sense” in an attempt to come to terms with it.


The spectacular view from this morning quickly turned into rain.


The rain gutter is in full use now that there is a continuous flow of rain water.

In rainy times like these, I remember Goryu’s 8 disciplines of mental training (turning into fun) when I ride the lifts.


“I hope there won’t be any fog today…” As if it had heard the words I spoke earlier at the patrol office, fog started to rise across the mountain.


On the edge of the Dynamic course, there is a large crack, so please be careful when skiing around the sides of the Dynamic course.


The Expert course seen from the Toomi slope is just full of grassy areas. Thus it was closed today.

There are poles marking dangerous areas such as holes, stones and cracks, so when getting close to the exit of the Expert course, please avoid these areas.


My working term ends in only a few more days… This is what comes to mind when I realise that this will be the last patrol blog that I will write.


The winds from a few days before were really strong, and there was even the sound of thunder! Well putting the reminiscence behind, this is probably the coolest photo of me this season!

This seasons main goal was ‘not to rot away’ so, it seems that I will be able to accomplish it as the next few days come to pass. I would like to stay preservative by not letting my guard down until the end!

Thank you very much to all those who came to visit Goryu and for all those that read the Goryu Patrol Blogs!

How will tomorrow be?