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3/22 (Sun) rumble-rumble-rumble-ruuuuumble-rumble@Cafe Hopper2020.03.24

Good evening everyone, its Cafe Hopper!

Today was a day full of rain huh.


When going up to the Alps Daira and passing through the Woody course, there was a little rain. I have a feeling that it came earlier than predicted…

Here is the view from the top of the Grand Prix course.


and this is from the bottom. Recently, we’ve had a lot of days with good weather, which created ‘stop snow’ that made it hard to ski but… now with the slight cold rain, I reckon that its gotten easier to ski?



This is one I took before going on my patrol! As I was thinking that there was a little bit of wind starting to blow, it went back to normal.


Today was part of an extended weekend, and so I thought that there would be a lot of visitors coming, but as you can see, it was quite empty here today! As to be expected of the Corona virus…


This is an area around the bottom of the Woody course.

With the high temperature and the rain, there are holes opening up in the snow. Make sure to be careful of them when skiing!!


This is the exit of the Expert course!

The snow has melted to the point where you can see the bridge. We have placed ropes and nets around these areas, so please do not enter them!


Around noon, when I started to think that the clouds were looking a bit grey… rumblerumblerumble!!! The sound of thunder rumbling made its way to my ears. In order to avoid the danger, we led all our guests inside. We thank you all for your cooperation!

And then, the next thing we know is that all the lifts had stopped except for the gondola taking guests down the mountain! We could hear the rumbling of thunder for about 30 minutes before everything was resolved.


But the visibility at the end of the Alps 1st chair lift became really bad, and then we heard a rumble… the second stopped lift… what a day!

It has unfortunately been a large inconvenience for the guests visiting us today.


For the second pause in lift operation, we read the cloud formations to be completely sure that we avoid any possible danger before starting up the lifts again.

On to the patrol after the lifts started moving again! There was hail-like snow gathered up on the slopes.


And after that, you could see that the wind had grown a little strong.


Final check complete! There is a wide area of ground popping out of the Toomi slope. Please be careful of it while skiing.

We’re already past midway through March!

Though there have been a lot of cancelled events lately, lets all move on to tomorrow with smiles on our faces and a light spirit!

Alright, see ya!


Last time, I wrote something about dieting. As a continuation of that, I will be explaining how to lose fat! This time it’s easy! You’ll be fine as long as you do aerobic exercise! But if you think I mean that it’s just okay if you run, then you are sorely mistaken. You must walk! If you run, then your muscles will take notice, and it won’t burn much fat. After walking for around 20 minutes, your body will start burning fat, so if you walk for a further 20 minutes, then it should be plenty for the exercise. But do be aware that if you are just walking, then you might lose some muscle weight as well!


That means that balance is important!

If you don’t maintain a balance between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, then you won’t receive the kind of results you hope for. To tell the truth, I went on a bit of a dieting sesh during the summer last year! In the first month, I practiced both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. And I ended up getting some promising results! But in the second month, I slacked off a bit and only did muscle training! As a result, my muscle mass didn’t increase, and I didn’t lose any weight.

For those who are worried about not getting any results! Are you training alone? Of course if you are getting results while training alone, that is fine! Please use this as a reference!!

Always open to various opinions!!!