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3/9 (Mon) Its Hot! A Pleasantly Warm Day@Cafe Hopper2020.03.10

Good evening everyone! I’m the mogul skier in training, Cafe Hopper!

Today has been a very hot day~

Normally I wear a fleece, but it was so hot that I even started sweating without it.


This is in front of the patrol base this morning. It can definitely be called a sensational morning!


This is the Toomi slope and…


…the Alps Daira Grand Prix course! Its been ‘the day’ without a single cloud in the sky!

I did already mention it in the title but, the temperature is very hot… it was +3℃ at the top.


When the weather is hot, the snow gets soft. Meaning… its the weather for mogul skiing! Its the the perfect day for those who love mogul skiing is it not?


And look at Mt. Goryu! She’s looking quite fine today. There are also many visitors who are coming to climb the mountain today. When descending the mountain, please be careful! (If you don’t make it on time, the Gondola might stop or the snow groomers will start working, which makes it very dangerous!!)


The sun rays are strong! To either use sun screen or hide your face with a neck warmer; or to leave your face bare… Its been a day of mixed opinions!


The Dynamic course warmed up a bit in the sun this morning, which caused some areas where the ground is visible to appear around the course.


And its not just the ground, but also holes that were appearing. Just as shown in the photo, we are placing poles where the holes are located to warn our visitors of their location. Please make sure to look out for and avoid them!


The end of the day! Its the time where all the soft snow from the day hardens up! Due to the nice weather, the scenery provides a refreshing feeling!

There were some Kamoshika roaming around today as well, but I couldn’t capture them very well, so I apologise…

For those who may be thinking; “Ahh… today might be the last chance to ski/snowbaord…”. Goryu will still be operating as lively as possible, so its still to early to be locking your ski equipment into storage!

We’ll be waiting here for your arrival!


This is about muscle training regimes.

“I want to build up my muscles!” “I want to lose weight!” I’m sure there are many who might have these thoughts. Its that thing called dieting right! There are those that often go to the gym to use the machines there, but if you don’t think about what exercises you are doing, it won’t be very efficient… So, starting from the very basics; in order to increase muscle strength, you should be putting it under the strain of around 2/3 of its maximum muscle capacity. Anything less than that, and you won’t be able to maintain your current muscle mass. And what is maximum muscle capacity, you ask? Its fine to take it as one unit lower than a weight that you are incapable of lifting.

Now, as for how to lose weight! …Maybe next time (hahaha)

On the opposite spectrum, lets see how not to lose muscle strength. If you sleep for a week, you will very easily lose muscle. If you think about it this way, it can be very easy to lose muscle. What I mean by this is… if you injure yourself, you’ll end up in hospital. When in hospital, you need to stay in bed for a long time! And as a result, you will lose your strength. Isn’t getting hospitalised just the worst? So if you wish not to lose muscle, then be thankful for the health that you have now, and be careful not to put yourself in a situation which could send you to the hospital!

Open to various opinions!