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3/8 (Sun) Check@Azuma2020.03.09

Cloudy skies・zero snowfall・good visibility

Today’s START was without the rain we had so fearfully anticipated.

After a little while, the temperature started rising.

The hard snow warmed up, increasing the ratio of water for some spring-style snow which is easy to ski on.

With the increase in temperature, there are yet again holes popping up (especially around the toomi slope) so please be careful when skiing the slopes!

Recently, there have been an increase in customers having problems with their old boots.

Visitors borrow the old boots from their family or friends who may not have used it for a period of ten years for example.

I’ve seen guest boarding, and then the sole of their boots completely rip off. So for anyone using old boots, please make sure to check their durability.

I received a strange transmission in the late stages of this mornings slope check.

“Check Check Wireless Check” frequently came from the patrol base at the foot of the mountain.

Maybe the main transmission machine is acting up?

hmmm~ Today might be a bit inconvenient… is what I thought, but moments later, the problem was solved.

It seems that the switch for the wireless speaker had just been set to OFF.

Apparently what happened is that a certain squad member had flipped the switch which no one else flips.


Oops, got a bit off track…

We’ve had a few days in a row of guests letting their unmanned snowboards slide down the slopes.

We implore that everyone pays attention to the way they carry their boards.

This is especially the case for those who may have accidentally entered into the wrong course, and end up giving up and decide to walk.

From there, the common pattern is that they come across an area of the slope which is a bit more frozen over, and end up slipping and leaving their board to slide free into the wilderness of the mountain.

We simply ask that you just choose the courses you go to wisely… please.

I’m sure that all those sitting or stopped on the slopes will be very please if there are no unmanned board zipping towards them on the slopes.

It seems like the temperature will be even higher tomorrow… (it went up to 18℃)

Though I may sound like a broken record, please do check the conditions of the slopes before attempting them.

And, as usual… there are a lot of dropped smart phones.

Please check that your pockets are zipped when skiing so as to prevent losing belongings!

On to tomorrow!