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3/7 (Sat) Everybody has Different Things on Their Minds@DE2020.03.08

It may have become the season where those with hay fever suffer the most.. how is everyone?? Hi I’m DE!

Its been affecting my nose since the end of February, but my eyes still live on!

Now, Hakuba Goryu has been blessed by good weather on this fine morning!

This is Cafe-something who enthusiastically jumped out to start the day.


Apparently he has a good rep, but I’m not entirely sure of the truth.

Due to that corona thing, there seem to be a lot of people restraining themselves from going outside, but there were still many guests who came today! Thank you very much for coming!


Today, there was an interesting group of people who gathered at Hakuba Goryu.


When exploring the slopes, some of you may have come across cosplayers in skis or snowboards.


Their boards also look something like this.


Many people think that Cosplay = Otaku = Lack of exercise.

But everyone was quite talented, so they made quite the impression on everyone around them.

Its incredibly important not to be driven by your preconceptions, because the rug might well just be swept from beneath you.

Everyone is unique, and expressing those quirks is important. As long as it doesn’t cause trouble for others…


Now, for the slope conditions.

The slope were rather icy this morning, but with the temperature rising during the day, the snow melted making the snow easier to ski on.


From this season on, the snow will become easier to ski on further on in the day, unless if its a cloudy day, in which case the slopes will stay icy.

With the slopes that had been carved up, when freezing, the conditions can change for the worse.

Thus, we recommend that beginners take it slowly when skiing, and that they decide to descend the mountain before the shade reaches the slopses.

With the snow quality worsening, there is an increase of visitors sliding down the side of the slopes on their butts.

We ask that those skiing with visitors who aren’t very experienced to please keep to slopes that are appropriate to their skill level.


The mountains were as stunning as always today.


In yesterdays blog, there was someone who said they’d rather watch the mountain with a certain someone else instead a bunch of oldies, but I believe that the mountain doesn’t have a say in who is watching it.

By the way, I happened to be on patrol with that something-imo today. Sorry for being stuck with this old man today.

Well, we can leave choosing who to be with when in town. (JK lol)


Since the start of the week, we haven’t been getting very good forecasts.

There is a chance that the snow will all of a sudden disappear. So there is definitely no harm in skiing now while conditions are good.

We’ll be here waiting for you tomorrow!

Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen. – DE, 2020