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2/19 (Wed) No Wind and a Blue Sky@Azuma2020.02.21

Today was a cold morning with a beautiful sunrise. It snowed last night, so there is a lot more snow on the mountain today.

(However, the areas where there was ground and rocks showing before have been covered with loose snow, so do be careful when skiing)

I suppose that our guests were able to enjoy skiing ? (as there was no wind)

As the afternoon came along, the snow started to harden, and I could see people descending the mountain starting to struggle.

(The Expert course was hard since this morning)

These past three clear days are showing to have higher temperatures than that of the average snow season.

As a result, please be careful of the changes in the snow condition throughout the day.

Also, there have been a few collision incidents.

Thus please make sure to control your speed and be constantly aware of your surroundings around lift junctions and congested areas.

For snowboarders, when facing backwards, please check ahead of you.

Please take my advice into consideration!