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1/25 (Sat) A slight upswing@Azuma2020.01.26

A week end without snow in a ski resort in January… How lovely.


It did snow a little bit though. (on top)
Well, that is better than no snow at all I guess. Let’s not complain too much.
Buuut~, I was still hoping for some snowfall deep inside when I did the first patrol check of Woody Course this morning.


Surprisingly, Temperature did not rise as much as I expected, and the snow on Woody Course which everyone worries about didn’t melt this much today.

However, In the afternoon Woody Course was very hard and difficult, especially for the beginners.
Temperature lowered during cloudy period, and  successive passing created big crevasses along the way.

It looks like the snow condition we have at the end of the Season. No snowfall is to be expected tomorrow, it will sadly be the same as today.
“After 14:00, Dynamic Course and Woody Course will be extremely icy and slippy, so please pay extra attention while going down the Mountain”, said the announcement.

I really recommend skiing in the early morning, as the slopes are freshly plowed and pleasant.