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1/24 (Fri) Fog or blue sky?@DE2020.01.26

Hello, it is DE!

The ice is too thin to go ice climbing, we don’t see much snow anywhere… what a Winter we have this year.

We started today with a foggy morning on top of Goryu.
Yesterday’s rain made the slopes really icy. Grand Prix Course was especially slippy and hard.
Even the soft looking snow was hard and felt like crusty crouton.
Around 10 o’clock, Temperature started to rise, which softened the snow and made it easy to ski on. It felt like Summer.
We can see more and more the terrain on the Expert Course.
Woody Course is as usual, but with small rocks and dirt along the way.
Please be careful while skiing!
Unfortunately, because of the rainfall yesterday, it seems like the snow surface got lower.
In the evening, fog started to cover the station and was very dense in some places, but soon after a clear blue sky reappeared.
At the end of the day, Toomi slope was really nice to ski on, as the view was beautiful and the snow was pretty soft.
In the afternoon, we went patrolling with young Canadian patrol members who came from Sunshine Village ski resort  in Canada.
It seems like their boss told them to come to a Japanese ski resort to see what it is like over here.
How lucky they are to travel for skiing!
We are so grateful to have had the chance to work with foreign patrol and share our knowledge. I am really looking forward to an other opportunity like this one.
The fog came back one more time at the end of the day on top.
Moreover, the slopes became very slippy and hard, it was a bit scary for the beginners.
Let’s prey for a snow fall in the following days!
Patience will be rewarded as people say…