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1/22 (Wed) Tomorrow, rain or snow?!@tko2020.01.23

Today, we had splendid weather!。
Temperature was pleasant and not so cold on the lift, and fresh enough while skiing. That was a very good day for skiing!

Thanks to the snowfall that happened few days ago, Goryu was on top today.
Despite little rocks being a nuisance on the curves of Woody Course, the slope was really enjoyable…But! Please don’t scratch the snow off too much! Go slowly~~

Dynamic Course was also great but we can see the terrain now and then, which means that the snow surface is still shallow.
Please ski with caution.

“It is nice to write signs but foreign visitors won’t understand right?”, said Alps 1 pair lift staff.

This is a sign about how to ride the lift the right way.

It would be very kind of Japanese visitors and foreigners who can read Japanese and translate to help those who cannot.
Because this little dude on the bottom right really is an expert at riding lifts. It would be a shame if visitors cannot understand his advises.
I went buying a new bag on the morning before going to work.
It is so comfortable! I don’t feel any pain on my back!
We had good snow all day until sunset.
Staff members who were on their day off were like “That was freaking awesome!”. Yeah no kidding, work was also awesome lol


Now, about tomorrow’s weather forecast, it may be sunny or cloudy, lowest temperature -5 degrees and not even a slight snowfall.
Let’s just hope it won’t rain…
Little bonus for today!

This is the inside pocket of our new patrol member.
Why would you keep so many pens?
“So that I will never run out of pen of course.”
Nice advice bro.