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1/13 Blessed snow!!!@Hacchaku2020.01.18

Hello everyone ! It is Hakkyaku !

I am trying to slalom, but why is it so difficult? It seems like I need to practice turning with my stocks.


Today I started work at sunrise.


At the bottom we had 5 to 10 centimeters of snowfall. It was a bit melted snow but I won’t complain!


It was -4 degrees on top of the mountain. ~~Freezing~~


Alps Daira zone got 15 centimeters of soft powder snow.

a bit more snow would be appreciated but I am taking it!

We waited way too long for this snow!



On the right edge of Grand Prix Course, the racing team was practicing pole slaloming.



It may bother our visitors but it is a chance to meet famous athletes!

It is an honor for Goryu to host an Olympic athlete’s training session and a privilege for our visitors to share the same slope with them.


Today is the end of my 3 day break. We had so many visitors today!


But, many accidents have been reported and a lot of people got hurt.

It sure isn’t fun to hurt oneself on vacation.

So please do not forget to take a break when tired and don’t push yourself to hard.

Injured people will get transported on those litters.


In that case, Ski Patrol will transport you down the mountain skiing on the sides of the slopes, but on crowded busy days and in narrow places like Woody Course, we would like you to give us priority and clear us the way.

In case you fell down, please do not move recklessly so that we can avoid you.