Patrol Blog

Still waiting for the snow @GAN2020.01.13

We are starting the day off with a superb sunrise. ( sunrise skiing also started, from 7:00am)


We definitely need some more snow to enjoy this winter season here.


We thank the numerous visitors who came here at Hakuba Goryu regardless of the snow condition.


Alps Daira zone is still not in its perfect shape yet.


Furthermore, the heavy rain ruined the snow condition. there are still a lot of humps now and then on the slopes, so please pay extra caution to your surroundings in order to avoid collisions with other visitors.


I was away from Goryu for 2 days and a half for patrol training sessions, but after hearing the snow conditions of other resorts, it seems like we are lucky to have this much snow. Going to different ski resorts really is refreshing, but the lack of snow is still present. It is so hot in this uniform!

See you tomorrow!