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About Maintaining Gloves 12/152019.12.16

Hello everyone, its Makina!


Today has been mostly cloudy, with a bit of clear sky later in the day.


As my junior’s gloves were in a sorry state, I decided to try a “Makina-style Glove Maintenance” Experiment!

Starting with the base (it was terrible), it looked like mold was growing on it…



So when you spread it with ‘Mink Oil’…


The left side is the one with oil spread on it. You can definitely see the difference! Then you spread water repellent wax over it.

Once the maintenance was complete, I lightly dashed it with water. What do you think about the result?


If you diligently maintain your gloves, then you can enjoy a day of skiing without fear of getting your hands wet!

I highly recommend showing your gloves some love by constantly keeping them maintained.