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Granular Snow2019.03.05

Today’s snowfall is 5cm.
The weather was sunny, a wonderful day.


The last night we were expecting some more snowfalls and we thought to start the day with safety checking.

However, it seems we had a wrong guess.

We’ve got a mellow morning instead.

The Gondola and lifts were everything on time!


The snow condition was heavy from the morning and it became a granular snow during the day.

When the sunshine is gone, the surface become harder.


There is a huge difference of the snow condition between morning and afternoon these days.

Even the course which you’ve been at the begining of the day and felt easy, you would not be able to ski again in the afternoon.

The most of our ski slopes are the east side and the bottom of the Dynamic course tend to be in the shade around 3p.m..



It isn’t a stop snow yet.

I’m sure that you can get fun ride with nice curving on a kind of spring snow.

See you soon!