Patrol Blog


Helloo everyone!

Snow was falling and it was all quiet morning.


There was very few snowfall during last night, but we have got a great amount of snow early morning.

As it was after the snow removing and pressed machine passed on the slope, it was covered by fresh pow when the ski resort had opened.


It was hard to find even a lump of snow.

DSCN1864Thanks to very cold temperature, the quality of snow was excellent.

I know that you desire to enjoy riding in this condition, but please be careful in this kind of situation.

Therefore, it tends to be an illusion that actual slope angle and your expecting angle.

I recommend a polarizing lens in this sort of weather to go smoothly.

In the meantime, the quiet snow was falling whole day.

It was likely to be a quiet day, but…

We were called to rescue injured person, slide down the slope and to regulate the restricted area etc..


Unfortunately, there are few people who enter to the restricted area.

We try to make the sign easy to understand for everyone, but eventually, we should rely on the minds of each of you.

It is normal things that when there are many people who don’t respect the rules and etiquette,

the rules become more and more strict.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


By the way, we set up a device like this picture at the entrance of the back country skiing and snowboarding area besides of the alps 4th chair lift.



It is called beacon checker.

This machine is to test your beacon if it works properly.

You can use in just 2 steps.

Push the silver button and close the beacon.


If it’s ok, the green lamp will turn on.


Very useful!

After this area, it is out of management area of Hakuba Goryu ski resort.

Be safe and enjoy the winter!