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2021.3 Patrol Blog


Double Cyclone@DE

Hi, it's DE here, changing my lifestyle to match the spring. Even though it had said to


About Spring@Hacchaku

  Hi, it's Haccaku here who suffering from pollen allergy. The spring arrived!


3 Months Are The Blink Of An Eye@Shimoyake

Hi, it's Shimoyake in charge of the blog for today. And it's probably the last ti


That’s Great In Spring@Makkina

It's Makkina here, who can't get rid of the desire of Jingisukan barbeque. The gorgeous


But It’s Even Better@PINKY

  The day began from cloudiness, and start to rain from noon. As a patrol w


How Will Be Going After Spring@tko

It was a blessed day with peaceful time and weather. The snow usually becomes soft


Goryu featuring North Wind@Kurometto

Today was cloudy and became sunny afterward, with wind blows from the north. The new sn


The sound of the winter ending@Ozesonian

It was raining in the morning.   Above the alps 3th chairlift was snowing,


See’ya Anticyclone@Nanafushi

Hi, it's Nanafushi here. It's sad to know the winter is going to end, and it's also exc


Sunny Days Continued@tonbei

  Hi, it's tonbei here in charge of today. It's been a warm March without snowf