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Will Be The Last Snow?@Nanafushi2021.03.22

Hi, it’s Nanafushi here who enjoyed the pizza of 47 Luis Pizza House.

Nothing could compare with the happiness of consuming alcohol from noon.


The wet snow after the rain was frozen in the morning and causing iciness.

The upper part was foggy and creating a mysterious vibe.

Could it even worse than “the terrifying icy slope” on 17th Mar?



It was snowing a bit on the alps daira, kind of cloudy.

The icy surface was slightly covered by the fresh snow, easy to make turns.

Lucky enough, it wasn’t as icy as that day.


However, some area was affected by the wind and snow was blown away, it was definitely not

the slope for beginners.

We soon decided to make the descending course become experienced skiers only.




The latest snow condition and anything that need your attention would be written on the whiteboard or be announced.




After getting softened by the sunshine, the snow was just enjoyable.

Even it was windy throughout the day, we didn’t have to suspend the lift.




The plants that live in the snowy area, are relatively short.

That’s the strategy that when covered by snow, it’s actually warmer than expose to the cold wind, which makes a 10 degrees difference.


i da


The butterbur is eatable before it starts to bloom.

The best way is to make it “Tempura”, the Japanese fry style, or serve with Miso.


My contract will end within 10 days, it was a meaningful and intense season which I appreciate every single day.


After the winter finish, I should be on the mountain somewhere enjoying my off-season.



Goryu will be open until around the golden week, which is in May.

The snow is still enjoyable!

Keep safe and keep fun!

See you next year!