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3/30 (Mon) Spring is Close By@DE2020.03.31

Time has passed quickly, as there is only one day left in March.

The sakura have started to bloom in the cities, but the mood surrounding hanami this year is shifty.

How has everyone been? Good evening, its DE.

The sun didn’t get a chance to shine yesterday, so it was a rare sight to still see snow in front of the patrol base.

How many days have there been where there has been snow out front like this?

Now then, the day started off cloudy.


With yesterday’s questionable snow quality, its been hard trying to prepare the snow for the day. There were areas with uneven levels of snow, so we got a good work out moving it all.


The non-compact areas have quite the hard crust. With my level of ski proficiency, I wasn’t able to move along very well, and so I ended up struggling quite a lot.

The rough surface of the Expert course that was in use yesterday hardened this morning, making us need to close it for the day.

The temperature started to rise around 10am, melting the crust off the snow and making the upper slopes easier to ski on. It was around that time that the Expert course opened up again.


The Toomi slope on the other hand, ended up with ‘stop snow’ before noon.

There were a lot of areas with only a thin layer of snow but,


the center part of the end of the slope and just below the SKY4 lift has barely any snow. Many warning poles have been set, so please mind the restricted areas while skiing.


Today, there was unfortunate news going around about a very famous comedian who passed away from COVID…

From that, there has been a shifty mood going around, and people seem to be becoming more on guard about the virus situation.

Everyone, please be careful from now on.

Since noon, a bright Spring sun started to shine down upon us.

Just as is expected of Spring, there are more visitors practicing the moguls than are on the main slope on the Grand Prix course.


There have been some avalanches occurring at certain places around the mountain today.

Around this time, its more common for large scale avalanches to occur, so we must remain vigilant!

When deciding to rest by the sides of courses such as the Woody course, please make sure to check the slopes above you for any potential dangers.

By the way, including me, many of Goryu’s staff will be finishing their temporary work contracts tomorrow.

Personally, I had set a goal of getting better at skiing this season, but due to the lack of snow, my progress ended up being dragged out a bit.

I’m unsure as to what kind of life lies ahead of me, but I’d like to continue improving as much as possible.

Thank you for following along with my blog posts for such a long time everyone!

If the chance ever arises that we cross paths, I’ll be in your care! m(_ _)m

At the end of the day, the scenery held a mysterious atmosphere.


This is why I can never leave the nature.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a good clear day!

Energy and persistence conquer all things. – DE, 2020/3/30