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3/21 (Sat) During the Extended Holiday@DE2020.03.24

Apparently there were some really crazy winds at Goryu yesterday, but as I was on holiday, I, @DE, had spent the day in Gunma wearing a mosquito net.


Taking into account the snowfall and winds from yesterday, we started the day off with some test skiing (avalanche check work).

Most of the fresh snow had been blown away by the wind, so the snow was perfectly compact.

Thus the work went relatively smoothly, and the lifts an Gondola were able to open on time.

The poles lined around the course were bending in multiple different directions, but the wind hadn’t had as much of an effect on the slopes as I had thought.


The groomed snow is of surprisingly good quality for this time period, and the ungroomed areas have been moved around and beaten down by the wind, which makes for overall good skiing conditions.

There is groomed snow on the right, and ungroomed snow of the left.


You can see the natural sculpting of the snow within the roped off area.


The temperature at the top this morning was rather high with it being around 0℃.

The temperature then quickly rose to 5℃ by 10am.

The snow on the Grand Prix course also warmed up quite quickly.


On the Toomi slope, it had further heated up so much so that there was slushy ‘stop snow’ which can really tire you out.


On the Expert course, the snow loosened up to make for perfect mogul practice.


In front of Restaurant Alps 360, there was a never-ending line of visitors willing to try out Ogasaka’s new ‘November’ boards that they will start selling next season. You could call it a great success!


With snow sports equipment, its never enough just being able to have a look, so its a good thing that the exhibit was allowing people to actually test out their various types of boards.


The exhibit will be continuing on to tomorrow, so for those interested, I really recommend going!


The weather conditions didn’t change much, but with the transition into afternoon, most of the snow that had fallen on the Toomi slope yesterday had melted away.

While at the top, there was nice granular snow.


Towards the end of the day, there was some winds blowing towards the heart of the mountains, but the mountain scenery still retained its beautiful image.


There is a rain mark on tomorrow’s forecast, so the snow will likely continue to melt, but as we are now, we still have snow!

Lets make sure not to injure ourselves during the remaining winter season, and enjoy our time here while it lasts!

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. – @DE, 2020/03/21