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3/20 (Fri) Strongest wind ever recorded@Makkina2020.03.23

Today, snow started to flicker in the morning, and quickly turned into a huge snowfall.

Even passed noon, snow didn’t stop to fall and close to 30 cm of snow accumulated in Alps Daira zone.

I took pictures of the snow motorbike in front of the patrol room to see how much it would snow today, this morning and at lunch. It was so kind of my young colleague to brush the snow off the motorbike.



By the way, I have scold this young colleague many times not to steal someone’s blog post.

Today’s snow holds the highest record of this year’s snowfall. It is on the second half of March that Hakuba finally reaches the top.

Toomi Slope, which was getting browner and browner until now, turned all white in a blink of an eye.

However, it only represents one layer of snow. Tomorrow, if temperature rises, the snow will surely melt without us realizing it.

In the afternoon, the wind suddenly blew strong. At 3 o’clock, not only Alps Daira’s but also Toomi’s lifts as well as the gondola stopped operating.

This wind might be the strongest one for the next 10 years. ( I am too scared to ask for the measurement)

When the young patrol member (who recently grew some white hair?) came back from his last patrol of the day in that strong wind, his coat was full of frozen water around the mouth and the nose. It really seems like frozen drooling but he told me it was only snow.IMGP7582

Tomorrow, I hope it will snow all day to go along with our ski test.

The gondola may be delayed in the morning for safety check. We thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.