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Sunny day@DE2019.12.14

Hello everyone, its been half a year already…


How has everyone been?
Just last week I was enjoying climbing in a warmer country down south, so DE is feeling very cold right now.
Getting back on topic; it hasn’t snowed much in the days since opening, so the snow isn’t very thick yet but just yesterday it snowed a good 10cm! Panorama is also in good condition.
There still isn’t that much snow but when work started this morning, the snow machines have been working full throttle.
From this morning, the weather has been wonderful.
 Due to there being no clouds, the temperature has dropped to -5C
 The slopes have been nicely set.
The power snow is also nice and fluffy.
Natural snow is definitely the best!
 The Technical Course
 Throughout today there hasn’t been much change to the snow quality, so I believe the conditions are very agreeable.
 Surprisingly, the temperature hasn’t risen much, but the sun rays make you feel warm.
The weather up the mountain is pretty, so its a great opportunity for taking photos!
 There are still a few ski courses that are closed due to a lack of snow, so it might get a little busy.
 As it is the start of the season, there may be some inexperienced skiers, so please keep an eye out.
 Please be careful so as to not cause injury or overtire yourself to make this weekend as enjoyable as possible.
The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.