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End of the long weekend@AZUMA2017.03.20

Hi everyone

Today was the end of long weekend.

Such a beautiful day.


Snow melted from the morning and it was nice spring slope at Goryu Ski Resort.


While the spring season, we do a lots of work such as recovering of cracks at course side, filling out the holes and removing the snowballs.

Please be aware of those kind of things when you are  skiing or snowboarding.


We rarely found 2 skis today when we were patrolling.

As the snow melts, many things will come out.



There are many people who accidentally lose their skis or snowboards on the slope .

If the skis went out of the rope or the net, please do not try to look for alone, but call the patrol so we can help you to find them.

It is because out side of the ropes or nets could be very dangerous.

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Day after tomorrow, the weather might be colder.  Prepare to be warm and have a nice week!!