special event

HAKUBA RAMEN FESTA 2024February 9, 2024(Fri) 10:00am~3:00pm

Ramen Food Truck in HAKUBA GORYU

Nagano Prefecture is famous as a soba place, but it is also a famous
ramen !
Therefore, in order to let people know the deliciousness of ramen in
Nagano Prefecture, we will hold "HAKUBA RAMEN FESTA 2024 in
Hakuba Goryu" where famous ramen shops in Nagano Prefecture will
open their stores in kitchen cars.
The hot ramen after a ski is the best! We look forward to seeing you

背油煮干し中華そば 900円
■High quality back fat dried sardines Chinese noodles
信州味噌ラーメン 900円
■Shinshu miso noodles
Menya Mametora
鶏がらしょう油ラーメン 900円
■Chicken soy sauce noodles
こってり中華そば 900円
■Rich Chinese noodles
Ramen Zunpachi
豚骨らあめん 1,000円
■Pork bone flavor noodles
辛豚骨らーめん 1,100円
■Spicy pork bone noodles