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[Finish] (Sat) Feb 15th Hakuba Goryu 50th Year Anniversary EventFeb 15th

50th Year Anniversary Event

At Able Hakuba Goryu, which has been operating for 50 years, we are holding an anniversary event.

We plan to upscale the Valentine event that we run every year to express our feelings of gratitude for a full 50 years of spectacular skiing.

On the day, we will be publicly broadcasting "Friday Goes On!! in Hakuba Goryu Escal Plaza".

The Night Skiing session tickets will be half price (※Operating times will be until 9PM) along with a live music and fireworks show.

【Night Event Schedule】

◇ Event Date: (Sat) 15th February 2020

◇ Start Time: 8PM

◇ Event Activities

 ・Half Price Nighter Passes (From 18:00~21:00)

 ・Free Chocolate Fondue (from 20:00)

 ・Arisa Rin's LIVE Performance

 ・Fireworks Performance

 ・Night Jump Show (May be cancelled depending on the snow conditions)

【Day Event Schedule「Friday Goes On!! in Hakuba Goryu Escal Plaza」】

Radio personalities Fujii Yuu and Saito Ryoutsu will be doing a broadcast!

◇ Event Date: (Sat) 15th February 2020

◇Start Time: 1:30PM

◇Location: Hakuba Goryu Escal Plaza 2F Live Stage ※Entry is free, so feel free to come over!

◇Public Radio Broadcast Content:

 ・The usual talk show
  As the day before was Valentines Day, we will provide love counselling
  What's cool in Able Hakuba Goryu・・・etc

 ・Mini LIVE「Singer Songwriter Arisa Rin」

 ・With a lift ticket as the prize... A massive Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament!

 ・Other Things (We might randomly come up with something!)

※On this occasion, Goryu's free night shuttles buses will run on a special schedule to match the event.
Fore more details on the bus schedule, please click on the following link. (Normal schedule will not be used on this day)

Special Bus Schedule (2/15 Saturday) / PDF