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[Finish] 2019 Hakuba Ski & Snowboard Swap (Dec 14-15)Dec 14-15

Sell your Old Gear and Buy New

Sell your Old Gear and Buy New and support POW Japan at the same time!

This year we are kicking off the Hakuba Ski Swap. Come out December 14th/15th and get some great deals on used and new ski gear.

Over 500+ Skis/Boards/ Clothing

If you have old gear you want to sell be sure to let us know

All gear is sold on consignment with 50% of profits being donated to POW Japan

send an email to info@eventshakuba.com to register!

Location: Goryu Escal Plaza 2nd floor
Gear Drop off Date: Dec 13 4pm-8pm
Sale Dec 14/15
Unsold Gear Pick-Up: Dec 15

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