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3/15 (Sun) A White Coral Reef@PINKY2020.03.21

I’m PINKY. During the summer, I will swim in many a beach and bay.


Today is unlike a cheerful spring day, and more of a cold start.

With a good layer of snow on top of the snow’s surface, skiing this morning felt good.


With the snow covered trees around the mountain looking like corals under the sea, I end up taking photos without thinking.



The slopes on the top of the mountain has had good visibility with nicely compacted snow from yesterday’s cold weather.


There were many attempting the solid moguls today. (I only go when they are soft.)

When changing places, the bottom of the dynamic course was slushy like a normal spring day.

Today we are…


…again fervently in search of treasure.


The policy is that we find and throw the rocks that we find on the slopes, without bringing them to headquarters.

The bottom of the Toomi slope is a continuation of snowy slopes and grassy terrain.


As a result, after tonight, both the Night Skiing and Sunrise sessions will be coming to an end.

Thanks for participating in them this year!

The lift operation times during the day won’t be changing, so we’ll still be waiting for you as always.

The forecast for snowfall tonight is around 10cm. It is also expected to snow during the day tomorrow.

For those who love fresh snow, we still have a chance!!

We continue on to tomorrow.