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3/11 (Wed) A Slow 9 Years@Saba2020.03.20

The one in charge for today’s blog is me, Saba.


Its raining again today. Generally, a rainy day is something that gets you down, so I made sure to remind myself of the positives of a rainy day while walking the road to work this morning.

These are the positive aspects of a rainy day at a ski resort:

  • The slopes aren’t hard and rough
  • All the dirt on the slopes get washed away, making it easier to ski
  • Sitting on a lift alone in the rain is a good opportunity to build mental fortitude
  • You feel like cheering on fellow colleagues who have to work in the rain
  • You can hear Kanreki-san say “This is nothing!” multiple times in a day
  • It will make you imagine what it would be like if it was snowing instead
  • Sitting on a lift alone in the rain is a good opportunity to build mental fortitude

(Translator’s note: Saba is basically copying what MMDD said in yesterdays post… word for word…)

So everyone, please remember these things when you feel like your heart is about to break due to a rainy day!

However, today has been has been a little different from yesterday.


After riding through the fog in the gondola…


…there was snow. The vice-captain, the members of Alps 4th chairlift and I felt satisfaction when we laid our eyes upon the seemingly divine scenery.


To tell the truth, there is one new member of patrol who has yet to make an appearance in the patrol blogs.

After working up a good sweat in this morning’s netting setup…


The weather gods were smiling down upon us when going up the gondola.


Please be careful of the net on the Woody course! There are cases where visitors manage to perfectly slip though the net without making it fall, so we make sure that the net is firmly implanted into the snow in areas where visitors often fall.

When going to a course, please make sure to know what kind of course it is, and when you think it dangerous, we ask that you slow down an give yourself enough space when skiing.


The rain that has been going on since yesterday is unfortunately ruining the Toomi Slope. We keep needing to set up more and more warning poles.

We use them to point out holes, cracks and other dangerous zones. Please be careful of them when you see them.

Tomorrow, please pay extra caution to terrain hidden by today’s snow.


We had 5 cm of snowfall on top at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.


Wait, there seems to be more than 5cm !


Here is a photo of Hoshiimo in the mist. Can you find him? In the “Where is” photo series, it may be more difficult than “Find PINKY!” or “Where is Mr. Kamo?”


When I consider that there is little time left before my work here at Goryu is finished, and my drenched equipment that I’ve grown fond of dries by the stove, at the same time, I think that I should give it my best until the end. Though it can be said that there hasn’t been much snow in the 2019~20 season, there is still fun to be had while there is snow still around! Goryu will still be hanging in there!!

When I look at myself in my uniform in the mirror, I would have never thought 9 years ago that I would be skiing, much less being a patrol member. Life is something you only get one try at, and so I stay thankful for giving it my best to fulfill my wishes throughout the day.


We have yet to see the blog post from the new member, so I look forward to when we can see it.

I wonder how tomorrow will go~