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2/27 (Thu) Why do we fall Mr. Wayne?@Kanreki2020.02.29

Good evening everyone, it’s Kanreki! It has been a long time, how are you doing?


Today, we had 10 to 15cm of snow since yesterday’s snowfall. It gave a second breath to our dying slopes.


Even if it was not as foggy as yesterday, we could barely see anything until the end of the day.  I forgot that feeling of working in a cold environment.

As usual in February, a lot of students visit Goryu and make it busy even on week days. The majority of people that come here are skiing for the first time. Even though people fall, we can see them getting up straight away and ski again like it was nothing, only to fall again 10 meters further down. That is the way to learn! “Why do we fall Mr. Wayne?” “So that we can learn to pick ourselves up”. Makes me think about a strange bat, I don’t know why. Recently I don’t fall at all, and it makes me think that I’m not getting better anymore!


Today was test day for our young members. Rope knotting,


Triangle bandage practice (in a fixed amount of time),


And last but not least, theoretical exam about rescue rules, Goryu’s courses and patrol readiness. I remember passing the exam just like them. I would definitely hate doing it again even if I’m a veteran now. Today the younglings were a bit worn out but they are still young. they will get up every time they fall. I want them to do their best.

The ski season is also coming to an end. Among the staff members, injuries, diseases and reluctance are getting the best of us. Some people may be frustrated, but the most important is to heal up as soon as possible. I wrote it earlier but, if you fall you just have to get up!

If I have to review my health condition for the past couple of months, I got sick at the end of January and rested for a moment. But even after returning to work, I was still not in a good shape ( but it is getting better recently!). In my case, it is not fall and get up but more like fall and stay on the ground.

I should consider retiring…
Good evening.