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2/24 (Mon) Who Needs Wireless Radios? Every Morning! Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!@Hoshiimo2020.02.25

Hello~ It is I, Hoshiimo, who woke up with a nice feeling today, prompting me to walk around town in the early hours of the morning.

Due to the cool morning, there was not a cloud in the sky this morning, so it was a morning where I could thoroughly enjoy the good weather.

Were you also pumped up this morning guys?

Even though its the last day of the extended weekend, Able Hakuba Goryu has been quite prosperous. We thank you all for coming over today!

It’s one of those morning patrol checks that I enjoy the most. Makes me wanna dance while skiing.


A good morning completely free of clouds!


The groomed slopes were a lot icier than I expected, as my skis made clattering sounds as I passed over the bump lines.


There have been an unusual amount of visitors at Goryu since the sunrise session at 7am.


With the snow left over from yesterday, today’s Hakuba Goryu’s ski resort is looking pretty good.

With around 5cm of snowfall, most of the areas where the ground was showing have been covered.

With the complete lack of snow this season, our squad members exclaim that “there is a lot of snow!” when only 10cm of snow has fallen.


Today is the Goryu Rizen event!! There are many ambitious youngsters skiing down the Toomi slope! Its great to be young, isn’t it!! Lets all try our best!


The Toomi slope was in really good condition today but…

Once the morning turned over into the afternoon, there were winds blowing at speeds over 30m/s in the Alps Daira. As a result, all Alps chairlifts had to stop operation. There is no resisting the power of nature.


The wind never weakened, as they were still blowing strong after 3pm. In the end, only the Gondola was operating.


With the sunshine during the day, the snow was gradually melting, but as the sun was going down, at around 2pm, the mountain descent course became rather icy.

It would be great if everyone could enjoy skiing until the end of the day, but unfortunately as time goes by, the conditions of the slopes worsen.

For those who have come out of their way to enjoy snow sports, it is my wish that everyone leaves with unforgettable memories instead of injuries at the end of the day.


Today stood out as a day with many collision incidents.

Because the weather and the snow was good, visitors tend to pick up speed without noticing, so we please do ask to pay extra attention to your speed on good days like this one.

We wish you a good Ski Life!

Lets meet again tomorrow.