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2/21 (Fri) I’d like to get better without having to fall over…@tko2020.02.22

Today had great weather throughout the entire day.

It can be really uplifting to watch the distant mountain landscape.

The snow on the Alps Daira is also well compact and easy to swerve through.

As time went by, the temperature rose, and the snow turned into grains of ice; just as it would in Spring.

We’d rather avoid having icy slopes, but I do think that its interesting having different types of snow.

Even though there is a lack of snow, it still doesn’t change the sense of anticipation that comes with skiing.


Recently, the days have been getting longer.

Though I’m sure many pass by this sign without paying much attention to it but, please make sure to check the lift operation times.
For those who are new to snow sports, please be aware that descending the slopes may take some time.
So make sure to ride the lift back up well before the closing time!

There were quite a few cases of customers letting their boards run loose through the slopes.
When placing your boards on the snow surface, please make sure that the board is not facing downhill. (and also attach a leash cord!)
Also make sure not to drop your boards accidentally!

A case where customers let go of their boards which I often see goes a bit like this:

They are walking with their board → they slip and fall → they break the fall with their hands → they let go of their board.
is about the gist of it.

A fundamental solution to this problem would be not to place oneself into a situation where this kind of incident would occur.

Its also important to ask oneself whether the slope that you are heading to is appropriate for your skill level or not.

Are you being pressured by your friends?
If so, its best not to overdo it.


Today’s forecast is a constant clear sky with zero snow.

Unlike with last year, where the snow managed a come-back, the chances that this years winter is over is pretty high.

Everyone! Make sure to enjoy the snow while it lasts so as not to leave any regrets behind.

Well then, see you all again tomorrow.


Today’s extra:

To Mr. Cafe Hopper who isn’t good at kick turns.

While practicing at the Expert course…

“If you keep falling, you won’t get any better!” is what I swear I heard squad member Hoshiimo say from afar.