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2/17 (Mon) From a clear day to Snow!@Hacchaku2020.02.18

Good evening everyone!

I’m @Hacchaku, who likes Noriyuki Makihara’s song ‘Far far away’.


This morning is completely different from yesterday’s rain!

This weather is a really good start to the day.


Even with the sun shining so brightly, the cold slopes after the rain don’t melt that much, leaving them nice and slippery this morning.


Just by looking at this photo, you can see how the slippery snow reflects the light.

On my first run down the slopes, I had to pay extra attention so as not to drop the poles that I was holding.

Due to the lack of snow today, the Dynamic course and its detour course didn’t have very compact snow.

Due to this, we made it so that beginners refrain from entering the Dynamic course until the snow loosened up a bit. We sincerely apologise for this.


As the clock struck 10, the power of the weather gods have turned in our favour as the snow began to loosen, and it became easier to ski.

The weather was good and the slopes were lively.


That said, it was only the southern slopes where the snow loosened. The northern Panorama course still remained icy even after 10 O’clock

The iciness may have played a factor, as there were many visitors who injured themselves.

When coming here to ski, choosing which course to ski on is an important factor, so for those coming along with beginners, please make sure to check the condition of the courses you go to beforehand.

Those who think that through can truly be called professionals.

Professional! I like the sound of that!! 😀

This also applies to the patrol team. Please consider all those around you and act in a professional manner!

The Panorama course still remained rather hard in the afternoon.


On the other hand, the snow on the Grand Prix course became so loose that its become like this.


Its become a slope with shaved ice and many bumps.

Recently its been feeling like we’re in a constant state of Spring, and today was no different.

With this much snow melting, there’s no way we can keep quiet.

But everyone, please rest assured!!

That dangerous thing called snow, which will make everyone lose control and bring our mood to a high will be coming to Hakuba tonight!!

The Spring climate will end, and we will soon be singing “Winter has come~♪”

There is expected to be at least 20cm of snow fall.

Despite the snow, I hope that everyone can control their fervor and ski carefully tonight.

I wasn’t expecting there to be much winter left in this season, but it started snowing as I went to ride the lift and…


This cold feeling as it hits my face… Its been a while, but its a good feeling!

Today, Kanreki brought our new squad member Hoshiimo up to see Jizo-san.


At the end of the day we did the usual withdrawal of the course nets.


We were also helped out by beloved Liftman! We are thankful~

There is a trap hiding within this withdrawal session.


So, what exactly is it that is wrong in this picture?

Lets take a closer look…


Yes, we can see now!

I will explain for those who still haven’t got it.

The thin parts of the net are wrapped around the hooks.

If left like this, then when the nets need to be set the next morning, it will become a real struggle.

We are carefully doing our net withdrawal exercises while thinking about making tomorrows exercise go as smoothly as possible.

As I fixed the tangled net, tomorrow morning should go without a hitch!

I reiterate what I said before. Everyone, please be careful when skiing on the snow that will fall tomorrow, as it might not be too compact.

Thats all from @Hacchaku.

See you again tomorrow!