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2/15 (Sat) Lots of people, and ski patrol@Kuromet2020.02.16

Good evening, I’m Kuromet, the guy who always ends up looking for a certain series of Gatchapon at the aquarium.

This morning’s scenery is again, just like Spring…


And the snow feels like Spring too…

The loose snow from yesterday turned into bumps from ski marks, and have now frozen solid this morning.

But when I went to a place that not many people went to, the snow seemed split in some places, causing my skis to be forcefully moved in another direction.


The surface of the slopes that had been beautifully groomed has frozen, but compared to loose snow, its easier to ski on.

But be careful because it is very easy to gain speed, and its the kind of slope where if you fall, its hard to stop.


We need to pay extra attention when skiing on this kind of snow.

That said, today’s temperature keeps rising, so the snow has turned a bit soft, which makes skiing a lot easier.

When it gets like this, the bumpy slopes can get quite fun.


Even down to the way we have fun is very much like Spring.


However, this seasons snow isn’t very thick, so the time when we can enjoy bumpy slopes may be short.


It seems to be a trend this season that when the snow that we so much wish for comes, it only lasts a small while, so please make sure not to miss the chance to enjoy it the next time it comes around!

Today is Saturday, so it means that there are many visitors coming today.



If you look at the slopes, all you can see is people, people and more people. The Goryu ski slopes are looking much livelier compared to yesterday.


This is a large-billed crow.


Its Spring~ I left my bag out~ and it got picked at by the crow~~~♪


(This bag is my work bag, so please be at ease).

Its not as rough as the black kites found in the Shonan region, but when it gets to work, it doesn’t hold back.

Its an enemy that strikes when least expected, so please be aware of where you leave your belongings.

Also, when it gets this warm, its also our job to do footprint checks.


These two footprints are most likely that of an antelopes.

It seems to have come to check the depths of the snow before me.

So what I’m trying to check is…

Whether the bear families have awakened from their hibernation or not due to the sunny weather.


I’ve heard on the internet that the animal world is also quite confused by this strange winter, so I made sure to look out for any traces of them earlier than usual.

By the way, as I work, I am constantly chanting “the bears be coming out~” in my head as I work.


The back light cast by the afternoon sun is a nice sight to see.

aaand, tomorrows forecast is… heartless rain.

The slopes at the top of the mountain will still be enjoyable, but there is a lot of areas where dirt, rocks and bushes have appeared towards the bottom of the mountain, so please do be careful.

The Alps Daira is still fine, and I recommend the mountain descent course.