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2/12 (Wed) The Moon Princess and the Sun Prince@PINKY2020.02.13

What is『THE DAY』?


There are many people who look at the weather and say “This is the best condition!” but I PINKY am not too sure.


In this photo, there is something quite rare hidden.


When magnified…


I have discovered THE MOON atop the Alps Daira slopes!

Its a photo that I took nonchalantly, but I cannot quite express the emotions that it brings out within me.

You can literally feel the difference between the naked eye and mechanical functions of a camera lens.

That said, its been a great start to the day!


Having gone up to the top of the mountain on the gondola, we lost sight of the moon, but instead…

The divine light of THE SUN shined its rays down upon us.


With the weather conditions being so good, there were many trying to climb to the top on our snowy mountain.


Us patrol members go up to visit the Jizo at the top every day after patrol and lifts have finished and all visitors have gone home.

For those of us who are really fast, we are able to get to the top in 2 minutes!! but also results in unstoppable coughing and wheezing. This symptom is often called the ‘Jizo Cough’.

Just like us, I recommend that those with confidence in their stamina try tackle the Jizo climb as well!


Today’s weather has been great throughout the entire day.

There were probably quite a few people who went back country skiing as well.

If you look closely at Mt. Hakuba…


…there are marks that make it look like a patrolled course.

Lets have enjoy ourselves while maintaining a safe environment!!


This is a location where many of our visitors take photos from.

But today was a day with a lot of dropped mobile phones…

Its a shame that an enjoyable day may have been overtaken by the memory of losing a phone…

So please make sure to always check that you’ve zipped your pockets!!

Its reported to have a rather high temperature today as well.

We are as of yet unsure whether if it will snow, or rain cats and dogs.

We will prepare to make sure to have THE DAY of our lives tomorrow.

And we continue on to tomorrow.