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2/7 (Fri) Praise the Sunny day!@Makkina2020.02.09

Good Evening guys, this is Makkina!

Today from the first to the last Sun ray, not a single cloud was to be seen! Wasn’t it the best day to ski?


Thanks to a still low temperature, snow was good all day long. What a pleasure to ski on an edge grabbing snow!

However, Woody Course was partially hard as ice. Falling on these parts would hurt a lot, so please be careful.

Today’s environment was perfect for our new patrol members’ training. They could finally practice what they learned in theory.

Our veteran member (who hurt his elbow recently) mentored the new members and a 2 year experienced member to an advanced training.



They experimented an unusual rescue situation.

Of course we hope that these situations never happen, but if they do, we will be ready.

Tomorrow night, snow is to be expected.

Strong wind and low temperature are also on the list, so please prepare warm equipment.