Patrol Blog

2/6 (Thu) Looks like tomorrow will be cold too @GAN.2020.02.09

This morning was so cold, -11 degrees. It is the first time this year that Temperature got lower than -10 degrees.


This kind of Temperature is ideal to follow big snowfalls and maintain a good amount of snow… but yesterday, there was only 20cm of snow, what a pity. However, snow on the slopes is excellent this morning.

Today I can finally feel that it is indeed winter. Despite a strong wind compromising lifts’operation, everybody seems to enjoy the precious snow powder. We also appreciated the snow while patrolling the station, even though we would still complain about the freezing cold weather.

But it is still not enough.


Uncovered dirt is still visible on the sides of slopes.


We can still distinguish valley areas.



We are still not here yet but, the resort refreshed a little. Tomorrow is expected to be cold as well, please bring the necessary equipment.


Solid snow (under 30cm of powder snow, we can still feel solid snow) and cold temperature that makes our movements dull highly increase injury risk, so please do no neglect warm ups before skiing to keep your body warm.

(I also use knee pads to protect my joints, but surprisingly on top of protecting from shocks, they also keep my legs warm. Today was awesome, you should try using them!)


Mines are primarily for weeding though…

See you tomorrow!