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1/31 (Fri) Inside elan↔ Outside elan@Saba2020.02.04

Hello guys, it’s Saba, I am in charge of the blog post today.
I don’t know if I should be exited or not about this.
Because in the 2 following days, Toomi slope’s upper part will be separate in the middle, from Toomi 2 lift’s exit to the Gondola’s 8th pole. But…
This week end you will see amazing curving skills during an exiting snowboard competition, and it might draw your attention while skiing.  So please, be careful not to bump into other visitors.
The Red Bull Edge competition is happening every year for the past few years at Hakuba Goryu.
Be careful not to ski near the gondola pole which is surrounded by flags.
Today, in order to prepare for this week end, Red Bull Snowboarders came to inspect the slopes.
We supported them while doing our job on the other side of the line.
If you want to see last year’s competition, click here!
Personally, when I was hitchhiking in New Zealand wearing tattered clothes, I got helped from many kind people. I can only feel grateful toward New Zealanders.
I am forever in their debt.
On our way to the Competition area.
Inside “Elan” skis are the new Patrol member’s and the outside “Elan” are the Patrol Captain’s.