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1/21 (Tue) We all waited for this!@Seika2020.01.22

Hello everyone, the snow has finally come!

It was all white in front of the entrance of Escal Plaza!

Argh, why am I working today! The snow even went cracking under my feet on top of the Gondola.

I’m so glad it is snowing, we have been waiting for so long ^^.

The snow even went above 10cm on plowed slopes, and came up to the knee while skiing!

Thank you for this blessed snow Mr. Weather!


You can have an idea of the snow condition just by looking at that roof.

The wind was also very strong, you could feel it in on your cheeks.

after the wind stopped blowing, a dense mist covered the Alps Daira Zone…


That is what we saw from the headquarters.

We can usually see the lifts and Happo-One on the background but…

Despite the welcomed snow, Mr. Weather was not very kind to us today.

This is it for Daira Zone.


Now for Toomi slope, everything was perfect today!

Here is a picture of the top of Toomi slope taken from the exit of Sky 4 lift.↓


The trees of Woody Course were all covered in splendid white snow.


Here at Goryu Resort, snow condition and scenery may be completely different whether you are on top of at the bottom of the mountain.

When the weather above seems bad, It may be better to stay below. And vice-versa!


It was pretty chilly at lunch time.

The snow was really great all day long.。

Finally, it seems like tomorrow will be a sunny day!

Skiing on a sunny day after a snowy one and on freshly plowed slopes? Don’t mind if I do!

I am really looking forward to tomorrow!

See you later!