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Ramen shop

Steaming hot ramen to warm up your cold body. This winters recommendation is Shinshu chicken base soup.

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Regular Menu

  • Regular MenuShoyu RamenThe authentic shoyu ramen
  • Regular MenuOriginal Roasted Pork RamenA large portion of our original roasted pork on top of our shoyu ramen
  • Regular MenuMiso Tonkotsu RamenA miso based soup using pork bone as its special ingredient for a flavorous result
  • Regular MenuMappo Ramenspicy mappo tofu on top of our shoyu ramen

Red Devil's Ramen (Spicy)

  • Red Devil's Ramen (Spicy)Red Devil's Shoyu RamenA basic spicy ramen
  • Red Devil's Ramen (Spicy)Red Devil's Original Roasted Pork RamenFor spicy roasted rork enthusiasts
  • Red Devil's Ramen (Spicy)Red Devil's Miso Tonkotsu RamenA miso based ramen accompanied by the irresistible taste of Red Devil spice
  • Red Devil's Ramen (Spicy)Red Devil's Mappo RamenThe spiciest ramen of them all

Each dish can be ordered with a rice included set.