Noodle Shop Block

Ramen shop

This season, Ramen shop is now closed as of 31st Mar.

Steaming hot ramen to warm up your cold body. This winters recommendation is Shinshu chicken base soup.

Operating Period / 19 Dec. 2020 ~ 31 Mar. 2021

Opening Hours / 11:00 ~ 21:00 (L.O. ~ 20:30)

Regular Menu

  • Regular MenuShoyu RamenThe authentic shoyu ramen
  • Regular MenuOriginal Roasted Pork RamenA large portion of our original roasted pork on top of our shoyu ramen
  • Regular MenuMiso Tonkotsu RamenA miso based soup using pork bone as its special ingredient for a flavorous result
  • Regular MenuMappo Ramenspicy mappo tofu on top of our shoyu ramen

Red Devil's Ramen (Spicy)

  • Red Devil's Ramen (Spicy)Red Devil's Shoyu RamenA basic spicy ramen
  • Red Devil's Ramen (Spicy)Red Devil's Original Roasted Pork RamenFor spicy roasted rork enthusiasts
  • Red Devil's Ramen (Spicy)Red Devil's Miso Tonkotsu RamenA miso based ramen accompanied by the irresistible taste of Red Devil spice
  • Red Devil's Ramen (Spicy)Red Devil's Mappo RamenThe spiciest ramen of them all

Each dish can be ordered with a rice included set.