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No.1 Popular Yogurt Gelato in Italy!

Yogorino Hakuba Goryu

Yogorino is known for healthy gelato. 350 stores in Italy, and has a store in 35 different countries.
Compared to regular icecream, half the calories, 1/5 of fat. Healthy but still tastes amazing!

2017-18 winter season is closed.Thank you so much and see you in next season.

Operating period 2017 Dec 16 ~ 2018 Apr 1

Hours 9:30 ~ 17:30

Store Recommendation

Yogorino Hakuba Goryu

Shinshu Apple gelato!

Shinshu is well known for growing one of the best apple in the country. It is only available at Yogorino Hakuba Goryu Store.

Yogorino Hakuba Goryu

New Limited Time Only Menu

About twice a season, special limited time only topping gelato is available!

Recommended Menu

Yogorino Hakuba Goryu

Plain Yogorino

Simple but still amazing!

Yogorino Hakuba Goryu

Topping Yogorino

Furits, nuts, chocolate sauce, there are 18 different suggested topping from Yogorino

Yogorino Hakuba Goryu


Made out of fresh milk, and fresh fruit. There are 12 flavours to choose from!

Yogorino Hakuba Goryu

Tapioca Juice

Enjoy tapioca with variety of flavoured drink!

Yogorino Hakuba Goryu

Hot chocolate

Popular among kids and adult!
Enjoy the rich chocolate flavour!