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Nagano Shinshu Area Specialty Souvenir Shop!

Souvenir Escal Shop

One of the biggest souvenir shop within Hakuba area. From common souvenir item, Shinshu area specialty item, and Hakuba village mascot “Murao” goods. We have convenience store section for day to day needs item and snacks.

Operating period 2018 OPEN ~ 2019 May 6


~ Dec 218:00 ~ 16:30
Dec 22 ~ Mar 317:30 ~ 21:00
Apr 1 ~ May 68:00 ~ 16:30

Recommended item

Recommended item

Recommended item

Zombie snack

New arrival souvenir "Zonmbie Snack".
Astonishing zombie blue color rice snack is now in store.
It looks scared in visual aspect, but it is crispy and roasted flavor...Yammy!!!
These zombie snacks are popular among young people.

Goryu's original T-shirts are now on sale!(2 types)

Recommended item

Hand T-shirt

Since the "Go" in "Goryu" means '5' in Japanese, this t-shirt with an open hand is very popular among Goryu visiters.